2020: Cheers to Living a Meaningful, Inspired Life

For me, 2020 is about gratitude, vulnerability and having an authentic, unfiltered existence. I left a pretty amazing life in Ottawa almost 5 years ago in search of PEACE.

Prior to moving to Calgary, I had worked myself into a state of organized chaos. Sure it looked fabulous from the outside. Home and Design Editor, TV Host, Corporate Career in healthcare… but something was still missing… HAPPINESS.

My insatiable quest for external validation through career progression and academic accomplishments was spinning out of control and I just couldn’t stop. I was flying full speed ahead into the world of burnout.

15 years ago, against all nay sayers advice, I launched my first interior decorating company – Eco-Fabulous Interiors. The only problem, ‘Green’ wasn’t really sexy at the time as eco-friendly design options were limited and nobody really wanted to read about ‘cradle to cradle’ certification.

Apparently the magazines weren’t quite ready to publish my articles on the ‘globally recognized measure of safer more sustainable products made for the circular economy.’

So I shifted my mindset, placed the hundreds of Eco-Friendly continuing education hours to the back of my mind and created Haute Decor Interiors. A company where we’d feature the latest design trends to help you go from ‘drab to fab’ in 5 easy steps.

Was it successful? Yes. Did it land me the title of Home and Design Editor with Ottawa Life Magazine? Yes. Did it lead to my own TV show? Another yes. But here’s the kicker…was I living an inspired life full of meaningful intention? In other words, was I serving the greater good? No.

Your home is your ultimate sanctuary. A place that should be a calm, inspiring environment that fosters good vibes.

Mainstream home and design principles are based on the latest trends that always encourage mass consumption. That fabric, sofa, lamp, colour etc etc etc is so last season. Buy this, change that. A world where everything has a limited shelf life, pulling you into a never ending cycle of wasteful redecorating.

I would lose a little piece of myself every time I would land a renovation job and mindlessly replace dated interiors with the latest and greatest editorial headline recommendations.

It became exhausting and no longer something I was passionate about. So I left the industry behind as my soul searching continued.

I’ve only very recently returned to the world of ‘interior decorating’ as I realized just how negatively an uninspired or cluttered space was impacting my wellbeing. Only this time, I’m dusting off the Feng Shui and green design principles I was so passionate about so long ago and combining them to create sustainable, mindful, organized interiors that truly inspire happiness. 💜

Now isn’t that full circle Universal intention at it’s finest??? My point…great things happen when you energetically align yourself accordingly.

Do you need help organizing your home? Does clutter give you anxiety? Join my free 2020 Neat Freak Challenge on Instagram and set yourself up for success.

No makeup. No edits. Vulnerable. Authentic. The video below talks about the Challenge. So join us @theanandamovement on Instagram. We’d love to have you.

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