Let’s talk about LOVE

Typically I would avoid this topic like the plague, however I recently came across an article entitled ‘Why Empaths Always Fall in Love with Potential.’

Although I don’t resonate with being titled an ‘Empath’, since labelling, in my humble opinion, limits potential and often results in people defining themselves within those restricted parameters, the article really made me stop and reflect.

It’s no secret that the four letter L word is not my forte and I often find that I now keep relationships at an arm’s length distance, it wasn’t always this way.

While reading this article, I discovered many of the things that I typically did in my past relationships. Until such a time that I simply shut down and focused on developing a loving relationship with myself.

I would totally fall in love with potential. When, the reality is, exactly as stated at the end of the article, here’s what we really deserve:

“You deserve someone who genuinely sees in you what you see in them. You deserve someone who stays, who shows up, who isn’t wishy-washy with their feelings. You deserve someone who knows what they want. You deserve someone who is honest and genuine and who comes as they are. You deserve someone who never exhausts your heart in a bad way. You deserve someone who loves you the way you love them, who fights for you the way you fight for them. And even if you don’t believe that right now, even if it is hard to fathom, it’s out there for you. And you are worthy of it.”


What are your thoughts on this?

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