Anurakti (Love)

That yoga class was THE BEST foreplay EVER!

Now that I have your attention…

By far one of my favourite date nights was when we went to yoga together. It was pretty early on in our dating game, so I wasn’t entirely sure how comfortable I’d be, but let me tell you…the energetic connection that I felt throughout that class completely made up for any pregame jitters.

Seriously…the “desire” that manifested itself within that 60 minute class was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. So much so, that if we were the only people in the room, savasana would have taken on a whole other meaning that night. 😜

So…if your partner is into yoga…a yoga date night is by far one of the sexiest things you can suggest doing together! #yourewelcome

New to yoga? Or perhaps group classes aren’t your thing?

Now Booking Private Yoga Classes for Couples

Includes a 60 minute yoga sequence for you and your partner to connect mind, body and spirit.

Anurakti Classes are by Referral Only.

Anurakti derived from Sanskrit word अनुरक्ति (anurakti), which means ‘devotion, affection, love’.