Brandelyn Cameron, BA, Dip. Interior Design
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ZenDecor™ is an eco-friendly, minimalistic interior styling methodology based on the theory of enhancing the energy flow in your environment to encourage favourable outcomes.

Your home is your ultimate sanctuary. A comforting place to return at the end of a hectic day and one where you wake up to find inspiration. As such, there are certain things that you can do to enhance the energy in your home to help attract certain desires.

The ancient art of Vastu Shastra (from India) and Feng Shui (from China) are discovered theories of geomancy that use auspicious, thoughtful and deliberate organizational strategies to enhance the energy around you.

Similarly, ZenDecor™ is also based on the concept that the energy of the universe, know as prana or chi, is ultimately tied to the harmony in our lives. Which means that the characteristics of the places you live, work and play can either encourage or block a positive balance of personal chi, and therefore promote or discourage good health, positive relationships, contentment and success.

As you may know, acupuncturists apply needles to areas of the body to stimulate the flow of energy, and promote harmony and healing. Similarly, a ZenDecor™ Stylist will make suggestions on the placement of items within your interior to do the same. The addition, removal or rearrangement of these items is based on the Feng Shui bagua, or energy map, which reveals the areas of your home that correspond with certain areas of your life.

Feng Shui principles coincide with the 5 earth elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood. Each element has unique energetic properties that help attract certain outcomes. Therefore, the Bagua Map is used to determine how you can balance the energy in your home for optimal results.

Be sure to follow our Blog for ZenDecor™ Tips and Tricks including how you can utilize the Bagua Map on an existing floor plan. Is your home in need of a little ZenDecor™? If so, where would you start?