Once Upon a Time…

When it comes to relationships, you can set boundaries, add labels, compartmentalize, and reason with yourself all you like. The truth of the matter is, the moment that you truly fall for someone cannot be planned, forced or predicted. It happens without warning.

Now I’m not just talking lust, butterflies or physical attraction here. Of course that’s all important, but love is nurtured over time as you get to know someone through the experiences that you share, the qualities and personality traits they demonstrate and how all of this collectively resonates.

I apologize in advance to all of the romantics out there, however, as much as Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales would have me believe that there’s a handsome prince just waiting to ‘rescue me’ (from what?) and be my ‘happily ever after’, I’d prefer to work on the acquisition of such through the 3 components of Love according to Robert Sternberg.

“Sternberg (1988) suggests that there are three main components of love: passion, intimacy, and commitment. Love relationships vary depending on the presence or absence of each of these components. Passion refers to the intense, physical attraction partners feel toward one another. Intimacy involves the ability the share feelings, personal thoughts and psychological closeness with the other. Commitment is the conscious decision to stay together.”

To learn more about the 3 components of Love according to Sternberg’s Triangle of Love visit the link below:


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